Call him Bobby, call him Zimmy, call him what you damn well please; the boy from the north country, the ghost in the basement, rock & roll’s true eminence grise has generated more covers, tributes, parodies, piss-takes and impersonations than any other performer.
Here’s a tiny handful.
Dedicated to The Zimmermen, Hertfordshire’s boldest Bobcats.

1 national lampoon-remember the 60’s
2 mae west-if you gotta go
3 johnny jenkins-down along the cove
4 the white stripes-one more cup of coffee
5 robert wyatt-blues in bob minor
6 julie london-mighty quinn (quinn, the eskimo)
7 the alan bown set-all along the watchtower
8 race marbles-like a dribbling fram
9 william shatner-mr tambourine man
10 rotary connection-like a rolling stone
11 the fontana concert orchestra-too much of nothing
12 solomon burke-maggie’s farm
13 georgie fame-i’ll be your baby tonight
14 blue ash-dusty old fairgrounds
15 mouse & the traps-a public execution
16 the tremeloes-i shall be released
17 stan getz-blowin’ in the wind
18 turquoise-woodstock
19 the sandals-tell us dylan
20 david bowie-song of bob dylan
21 christopher guest-positively wall street

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