The 2i’s

The British Rock n’ Roll Scene- This week boppers we’re focusing our attention on the rock’ n’ roll, skiffle & beat scene from the mid 50’s, thru to the early 60’s/an especially the 2 i’s Coffee bar, at 59 Old Compton Street, in London’s Soho- just one of the many coffee bars that sprung up in the mid-late 50’s-but it was down in the small basement of the 2i’s -originally started by two brothers- Freddie & Sammy Irani (hence the name 2i’s)
where a lot of these artists would’ve originally played…
-Not the usual DTB style, as most of the tunes are taken from just a few albums- the ‘Rock N’ Skiffle’ box set, ‘British Rock n Roll greats’ box set & ‘The Rock n’ Roll Scene’…….So let’s roll back the rug an get rockin’

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