Chris Frankham on DTB


Chris Frankham on DTB


To celebrate reaching 50 in 2004, Sundridge Park Mansion was booked. A black tie event, a menu of fish and chips or sausage and mash, with mushy peas, designed to lower the tone, was unleashed on 50 unsuspecting guests, to approval.

Backdrop in place, I decided that if I had to pay a DJ 200 quid, then it may as well, be my poor taste that we listened to. I provided a playlist and all the CD’s. All the DJ had to do was follow instructions.

mean, but I couldn’t risk the ‘Birdie Song’ being played, least of all my guests getting up to dance to it!

The whole evening was always going to be about the music for me, I didn’t want to have to wait until something played, that I could dance to, or at very least it would have to be a ‘toe tapper’.

What you get here is a snippet/flavour of that evening (but not necessarily in the same order, apart from the last 3 track finale), with a few additions, that on reflection I may have played (had they been released), nod to my marriage, and Cops and Buns for DTB assimilation.

Frank Zappa Cops and Buns

Frank Zappa Wedding Dress Song

Frank Zappa Handsome Cabin Boy

The Platters   Enchanted

Nat King Cole           Let There Be Love

Neville Brothers (Aaron)     In The Still Of The Night

Fun Lovin Criminals           Get Your’e Coat

Ray Charles  A Fool For You

Buena Vista Social Club    Y Tú Qué Has Hecho?

Electric Bluebirds     Colinda

Salif Keita      Wamba

Talking Heads          Nothing (But Flowers)

Neville Brothers       Sister Rosa

Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower

The Isley Brothers    Hope You Feel Better

Curtis Mayfield         (Dont Worry) If There’s Hell Below…

The Temptations      Law Of The Land

JAMIROQUAI           Virtual Insanity

Happy Mondays       Bob’s Yer Uncle

Marvin Gaye After The Dance (Instrumental)

Frank Zappa Strictly Genteel

I hope you enjoy.

Thanks Ross, I feel honoured, assuming you air!

Chris Frankham

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