Linking in rather nicely with the soundtrack series- we have a lovely little selection from WIRESHAKER………

Roxy (or Plaza, or Essoldo, or Odeon etc) Music
With the Oscars looming, what better time than to take a trip to the movies. And as the Drifters pointed out, who cares what picture you see, (as long as there’s a cool tune involved somewhere during the proceedings)?
Afraid you’ll have to bring your own popcorn & Ki-ora, there ain’t no girl with a tray to come your way.

Roll credits:

1 Merry Clayton: Performance (from Performance)
2 Win: In Heaven (Eraserhead)
3 Stomu Yamash’ta: Poker Dice (The Man Who Fell To Earth)
4 Wondermints: Barbarella (Barbarella)
5 Bongwater: Bedazzled (Bedazzled)
6 Tommy Steele: Doomsday Rock (The Tommy Steele Story)
7 Anthony Newley: Idle In Parade (Idol On Parade)
8 Adam Faith: The Beat Girl Song (Beat Girl)
9 The Dave Clark Five; Having a Wild Weekend (Catch Us If You can)
10 The Visitors: Theme From The Wild Angels (The Wild Angels)
11 Kipper: The Clapham (Confessions of a Pop Performer)
12 Yvonne: While I’m Still Young (Smashing Time)
13 Toni Basil: My Little Red Book (What’s New Pussycat)
14 Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood: The Look Of Love (Casino Royale)
15 The Kane Triplets: Mission Impossible (Mission Impossible)
16 The Clovers: Blue Velvet (Blue Velvet)
17 Roy Budd: Love Is A Four Letter Word (Get Carter)
18 The Meters: Hang ‘Em High (Hang ‘Em High)
19 Can: Vitamin C (Inherent Vice)
20 Naked City: A Shot In The Dark (A Shot In The Dark)
21 Shirley Bassey: The Liquidator (The Liquidator)
22 John Cameron: Psychomania, Main Theme (Psycomania)
23 Louis & Bebe Barron: Ancient Krell Music (Forbidden Planet)
24 In Search Of Karl LaFong (It’s A Gift).

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