DTB 19


DTB 19.slippery1.

 downtown bag

 RAZZLE DAZZLE she says- Dr Pickles was a serious man, with serious feet, an serious hands.

-I wish the layout was better he says, but it aint….. I wish the world was kinder, but it aint……..I tucked my head under my arm, an headed off to bed.

I’d do anything for you he said. I’d get out my vinyl an listen to every scratch n’ crackle backwards, I’d cut off my left ear too,if you needed it?……..real, an surreal……..real, an surreal………….

….real, an surreal

……  He says meet me at the Plough & Tractor- I says that doesn’t leave much room for error…..

She said ‘why don’t you just grow up’ – to be honest I was ready to throw up. ‘you little punk’ she says-well you can’t argue with that!

doctor mix & the remix-no fun

lee rocker-free bass

the stranglers-go buddy go

the jesus & mary chain-mo tucker

wall of voodoo-ring of fire

the gorillaz-man research (clapper)

telex-no.1 song in heaven

trailer trash tracy’s-turkish heights

josh wink-higher state of conciousness

the modern barbershop quartet-delta dawn

growling tiger-war

fka twigs-water me

wagon christ-the groove


sophia loren-mambo bacan

lee dorsey-ride your poney



runnin time 1.16ish.

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