DTB 25




Ride you devil-ride! agh……Thrill’s, Chill’s an Spill’s- The Circus is in town! It’s wild ya know, round n’ round they go- It’s the end, like everyone does their own thing… she says, it’s a scene man…..click…

click…click…, cluck…cluck…cluck! Vroom vroom, vroom vroom- Let’s get oughta here!


1 Dave Allan & the Arrows-Devils Rumble

2 Ian Dury & The Blockheads-I want to be straight

3 Pigbag-Papa’s got a brand new Pigbag

4 Billy ‘the kid’ Emerson-Shim Sham Shimmy

5 Victor Sylvester-Noel Coward Medley

6 Trans Mo-Grifi-Whole Lotta Love

7 Karen O-Body

8 Songhoy Blues-Soubour

9 Witowmaker-This is it

10 Joe Strummer-Cool ‘n’ Out

11 The Animals-Talkin’ bout you

12 Them-Gloria’s dream

13 MG-Brink

14 Adam & the Ants-Cartrouble

15 Wildbirds & Peacedrums-The unreal Vs the real

16 In Aeternam Vale-Annie

17 Movin’ Morfomen-Run girl run

18 Lubos Fiser-Puppets

19 Gang of four (featuring Alison Mosshart)-Broken Talk

20 Toyan-How the West was won

21 Al ‘Jazzbo’ Collins-3 Little Pigs

22 Tubby Hayes-Voodoo


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