DTB 33





-So, this being the first DTB of 2016, I just wanted to wish all you folk a very Happy New Year.

-Plenty of random/ slippery selecions comin’ your way over the next few months-

I also got a couple a great themes in the bag- An of course we’ll have the odd guest mix comin’ at ya……… but for now, it’s bac to this weeks DTB…..

  1. Opium jukebox-whip it
  2. Christian marclay-jane birkin & serge gainsbourg
  3. Syd barret-candy & a current bun
  4. Link wray-lowdown
  5. Bobby fuller-nervous breakdown
  6. Dead weather-new pony
  7. Handsome family-knoxville girl
  8. Roy ‘mr guitar’ gaines-worried bout’ you baby
  9. La lupe-fever
  10. Daytonas-faster gimpo kill kill kill (vers)
  11. Lone twister-the lone twister
  12. Ralph lundsten & andromeda all- happy earthday
  13. Country joe & the fish-death sound
  14. Crystal castles-magic spells
  15. Sister rosetta tharpe-were you there when they crucified my lord?
  16. The jam-batman
  17. Detroit cobras-cha cha twist
  18. Les georges Leningrad-la chienne
  19. Wicked witch-x-rated
  20. Erykah badu-hi
  21. Aksak maboul-a modern lesson
  22. Mad proffesor-doctor dub
  23. Bill Monroe-six white horses



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