DTB 36




He was messin’ around with the goods.She lived above the Skiffle club on the 2nd floor, a tiny flat in Wardour Street-It was 1952 an it was cold an gloomy. A strange kind of Beatnik thing for sure- I said I’ve had enough of this jive, I’m headin for the country, she said which country?

People did’nt travel as much in them days, but if you’ve got a wireless, here’s some music…..


1 vladimir ussachevsky-wireless fantasy

2 the eccentronic research council-autobahn 666

3 celio balona-tema de batman

4 primal scream-trippin on your love

5 the standells-riot on sunset strip

6 the fentones-simla beat theme

7 jose feliciano-if I really bug you

8 the vibrators-we vibrate

9 the residents-constantinople

10 freakwater-pale horse

11 fairport convention-nottanum town

12 ya baby!string quartet-to bring you my love

13 sara webster Fabio-alchemy of the blues

14 can-the loop

15 the buzzcocks-I don’t mind

16 pat the cat-blow pat blow

17 ti l’afrique-soul sock sega

18 serge gainsbourg-cargo culte

19 the beatles-it’s all too much

20 david shrigley-joy

21 swell maps-doctor at cake

22 keith & enid with trenton Spence & his group-worried over you

23 the jet streams-who me?

24 david axelrod-holy thursday



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