DTB 37


P>V- DTB37

from skaville n.y

– via skaville tokyo……..the train whizzes off into the wilderness-stopping at the stations that no-one else wants to go, let alone get off……woo woo……..next stop

-dtb37 folks.


1 new york ska-jazz ensemble-boogie stop shuffle

2 tokyo ska paradise orchestra-taishita yatsu

3 tapper zukie-viego

4 bob dylan/johnny cash-girl from the north country

5 yasunobu matsuura-hawaii no yoru

6 the stooges-down on the street

7 lcd soundsystem-yr city’s a sucker

8 pere ubu-30 seconds over Tokyo

9 kraftwerk-neonlicht

10 universal robot band-space disco

11 the rolling stones-I’m free

12 bessie jones-this may be the last time

13 mitty collier-drown in my own tears

14 johnny carroll-rock baby, rock it

15 mick harvey (feat.anita lane & nick cave)-I love you, nor do i

16 elvis presley/ann margret-you’re the boss

17 lee hazlewood/ann margret-am I that easy to forget?

18 los saicos-demolicion

19 nirvana-st johns wood affair

20 mavis staples-see that my grave is kept clean.

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