DTB 38



There were mysteries to be solved/Janine was part of the coffee bar scene/in the 50’s, like Le Macabre/it was all jive an dance she said/poetry/political debate/in the afternoon clubs/there was a scene too/but what scene?/beatnik culture/it was a funny scene/but Jarvis hit the nail on the head/we went back to Chas’s place/an listened to some Jazz/she worked as a receptionist in a dental surgery/just off the Euston road/but she was smart/2 piece suits/we’d listen to African music/play bongo’s/an dance to the rhythms of the night/whiskey a go go/La Roca/Ronnie Scott’s……

1 The Adverts-One Chord Wonders
2 James Brown-Night Train
3 Johnny Jones & The King Casuals-Soul Poppin’
4 Aksak Maboul-Fausto Coppi Arrive!
5 Aksak Maboul-Chanter Est Sain
6 Weldon Irvine-Sinbad
7 Barney Wilen-Wah Wah
8 Eek-A-Mouse- Wa-Do-Dem
9 Bangers R Mashed-Sensi Spice
10 The Small Faces-What’cha Gonna Do About It
11 The Chakachas-Stories
12 The Four Jacks-Sure Cure For The Blues
13 Wolfmother-Woman(Avalanches Mix)
14 Karl Bartos-I’m The Message
15 Thurston Moore-Grace Lake

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