DTB 39



I entered the shop- on the wall facing, the clock was runnin’ backwards-so I went back to 1977, an bought myself a pair of ‘Spiderman’ boots & a green Parachute shirt, with one beige arm. Mott the Hoople was playing in the background…….or was it the kinks?
Wow, what a crazy month she says-I just need some time out for sure- with the new DTB from P>V (aka, the slippery1)- number 39 right enough- gonna slip off down to the garden shed with the ol man’s headphones-leave the world behind……….

1 introduction-UFO action
2 the stranglers-nice n’ sleazy
3 mott the hoople-you really got me
4 link davis-grasshopper rock
5 muddy waters-she’s alright
5 portishead & kraftwerk-deranged
6 wendy & carl-program
7 prince francis-ethiopia
8 derrick morgan-moon hop
9 sir john betjeman-the cockney amorist
10 white stripes v public enemy-white enemy
11 allen toussaint-you must have that true religion
12 alameda riddle-poor wayfaring stranger
13 radiohead-tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor man beggar man thief
14 daniel barenboim-andante (chopin)

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