DTB 55



OK kiddiewinks, it’s that time agin, time ta slip into the flyin’ capsule that’s trouble bound………so let’s just all open our hearts/an minds ta journey into the dark unknown (as you will all know by now, the DTB series is………….and isn’t)

1 the kinks-wicked anabella
2 talking heads-memories can’t wait
3 rev. utah smith & rev. lonnie
ferris-they are ringing those bells
4 vue-girl
5 the strangeloves-i’m on fire
6 paul revere & the raiders-money
7 liquid liquid-cavern
8 owen grey & leon silvers-next door neighbour
9 the blues busters-soon you’ll be gone
10 jorg brinkman-miss wise
11 siglo Xx-individuality
12 sun ra-i am strange
13 led zeppelin-dazed and confused
14 bow wow wow-c30 c60 c90
15 got a girl-da da da
16 the johnny howard band-el pussy cat
17 throbbing gristle-cabaret voltaire
18 siouxsie & the banshees-heater skelter

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