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Between 1989 & 95 we used to go to a small club in London’s Soho called the Hardclub- run by (& also the main DJ) Mr Hard. London’s original Electronic/Industrial club, specializing in a mix of the best Electronic/Industrial and Underground Techno –  Regularly featuring live’ bands like Sheep on Drugs, Hardcorps and Borghesia. It would also not be surprising to bump into  other bands like NIN, Nitzer Ebb, Kraftwerk, D.M, Liabach, or the Revolting Cocks.

We recently tracked Mr Hard down an asked him if he’d like to do  a mix/playlist for DTB. We’re really pleased he agreed. An this is what he came bac with- a lovely random mix of some of the things he used to play at the club as well as a couple of his more laid back faves………


  1. Black Strobe – For those who came to earth thru the devil’s asshole
  2. Homotronic – U look like a gay – featuring Douglas McCarthy and Motor
  3. Depeche Mode – It doesn’t matter
  4. Passengers – Slug
  5. Morrissey – I know it’s gonna happen
  6. T. Rex – Rabbit Fighter
  7. Afrika Bambaataa – World Destruction
  8. Tom Waits – What’s he building in there?
  9. Front 242 – Headhunter
  10. Dead Sound and Videohead – Fuck tv
  11. Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
  12. Caberete Groove – Tourette’s Syndrome
  13. Fad Gadget – Back to nature
  14. Salon Music – Say Hello wave goodbye
  15. Cartwright Brothers – Get along little doggies



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