a rHumBa rhuMba !!!

MaKe My FuNK a

P-FuNK….I wAntS tO gEt FUnked uP-

befORe & aFteR thE gUnFire- thERe wAs a deAdLy siLence-

 KiNg TuBby on the Hi Fi- BOOM BOOM BOOM! TeRence sTamp & JAne BirKin hanGIng oUt in KeNsingTon- nIce hAt!


wEnt tHe Hi Fi. tHe BuTTerfLy’s naMe waS tHe ALchYmist anD

 it wAs spOtted in ColChesTer iN 1875-RIghT On bRoTHer! said tHe kIttEN WItH tHe sOFt Purr.

iT waS a bRighT ColD dAy in wEst LoNdon- BOOM BOOM BOOM !-wEnt the Hi Fi- aNgeL  BOy WAs sITTIN PrETTY-SHArP piNstrIPE thReads & A bArgain coLoUr TV- oN tOP Of hIs GAmE. I crOSSED OvER thE rOad,An TUrneD right onTO laDBrOKE GrOVE.

fiX mE A drInk sHe saYs- King Tubby ON THE Hi Fi- BOOM BOOM BOOM !

leave nothing to chance, sHe Says-

aN olD gUY wiTh A ToRN JUmPER AN a StrIPEY tiE SAyS

 -PLay mE SOmE NEU WaVE soN-

DUB VENDOR was AlrEAdY Up aN runnIN’

  • BOOM BOOM BOOM! …mAke mY fuNk a P-funk….I WAnts to gEt funKed uP! -aS iF aNythIng cOUld gO wRong nOw?…

1 Parliament-P-Funk (wants to get funked up)

2 Keith Leblanc-these sounds

3 Hank Williams-Move it on over

4 Hank Williams-I’m so lonesome I could cry

5 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Crossroad hop

6 Booker T & the M.G’s-Green Onions

7 Trinity-Z90

8 LL Cool J-Rock the Bells

9 Wooden Shjips-Loose Lips

10 Reuben Wilson-Blue Mode

11 Federale-Tribe

12 Whinnie Williams-That’s Entertainment

13 The Bombay Royale-The Bombay Twist

14 It’s a Beautiful Day-White Bird



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