lets listen to some music together shall we…what about the new drop the biscuit, I’ve heard it’s pretty cool, with some knock-out soulful sounds to boot…brought to you by PV, yes its…DTB48

1. ray manzarek-the moorish idol
2. the stranglers-walk on by
3. scientist/michigan/smiley-here we dub
4. sam the sham & the pharaohs-ju ju hand
5. jackie & millie-ooh ooh
6. charles bradley-ain’t it a sin
7. alabama shakes-you ain’t alone
8 gene ravan-every little bit hurts
9. charles bradley-changes
10. the clash-version pardner
11. mia-paper planes
12. the rolling stones-hoo doo blues
13 the specials-memphis underground
14. combustible edison-a shot in the dark
15. the velvet underground-oh sweet nuthin’
16. de la soul-royalty capes
17. bonobo-noctuary
18. bebo best & super lounge orchestra-le fleur de la musique

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