I went into the bathroom an splashed some cold water on my face, the soap was expanding an the little coloured bottles were dancing to the tune of a liquorice stick. What’s goin’ on, say’s Marv. You come wimmee meester she says, but I couldn’t tell which one to follow? The next scene was just a blur, a T.V show. A tiny room where pelicans were down somersaults an spiders were rushin’ in an out, an then I was a little lighter. 2 days later I heard the sirens, there was a lot of commotion. So I slipped thru a small window out the bac, which led to a narrow Mexican alleyway. The food was great, an I managed to pick up a cheap set of headphones to listen to the new DTB……

1 orchestral manoeuvres in the dark-introducing radio’s/dresden
2 wild man filcher-which way did the freaks go?
3 straffe-set it off
4 judy mowatt-put it on
5 maceo & all the kings men-thank you for letting me be myself again
6 barry adamson-007, a fantasy bond theme
7 kikagaku mayo-streets of calcutta
8 jim Gwynn-fat meat
9 rev.utah smith & rev.lonnie ferris-walk around
10 the soft moon-die life
11 jane weaver-h>a>k
12 haruomi hosono-party
13 the lounge lizards-i’m a doggy
14 gene vincent and the blue caps- catman
15 new age steppers-radial drill
16 nine inch nails-the lovers

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