femAle pUnk & neW wAVe


female punk & new wave.

Oh my god! More Girls!! With Guitars!!! And attitude!!!!

1 siouxsie & the banshees-metal postcard (mitageisen)
2 big in japan-suicide a go go
3 the slits-newtown
4 x-ray spex-artificial
5 essential logic-aerosol burns
6 jane aire & the belvederes-nasty…nice
7 au pairs-set up
8 delta 5-mind your own business
9 girls at our best-go for gold
10 pink military-back on the london stage
11 pressler-morgan one plus one-you’re gonna watch me
12 kleenex-ain’t you
13 ludus-my cherry is in sherry
14 flying lizards-her story
15 action packed!-(drowning out) the big jets
16 poison girls-jenny
17 passions-hunted
18 the raincoats-in love


you might also want to check out an old show from rosspunk-
‘punk girls’


or maybe ‘P>V-GALS’


or even ‘Girl Folk’?


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