Take a couple of gallons of adolescent working/lower middle-class testosterone; sprinkle liberally with a mixture of Purple Hearts & LSD; strain through a stack of Marshall amps set to maximum and voila! the meanest, toughest sound of the mid 60’s: English Freakbeat.

1 the yardbirds-happenings ten years time ago
2 the small faces-e too d
3 the misunderstood- children of the sun
4 the creation-making time
5 the craig-i must be mad
6 curiosity shoppe-baby i need you
7 elmer gantry’s velvet opera- flames (single vers)
8 the penny peeps-model village (in my back garden)
9 the sorrows-you’ve got what i want
10 the mark four-i’m leaving
11 the syndicats-crawdaddy simone
12 the primitives-you said
13 the wheels-road block
14 the birds-leaving here
15 wimple winch-save my soul
16 the open mind-cast a spell
17 the truth-sueno
18 tintem abbey-vacuum cleaner
19 les fleur de lys-circles
20 apostolic intervention-tell me have you ever seen me
21 herman’s hermits-it’s alright now
22 the dave clark 5-concentration baby
23 the troggs-6-6-5-4-3-2-1

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