Gettin’ ready for another new years? prepare then, in typical DTB style, the rollercoaster sounds, the many mixed up Reggae rhythms from the HI-FI STYLE, the second instalment………play loud the HI-FI STYLE pt.2, enjoy yourself people.

1 yellowman-how you keep a dance
2 stylo g-badd (featuring sister nancy)
3 congo natty-jungle rebel 2
4 scientist-me oh my oh dub
5 tenor fly meets congo natty-dj school
6 jimmy cliff- guns of brixton/version
7 yellowman-natty sat on a mountain top
8 mungo’s hi fi & eek a mouse-hire & removal refix
9 clint eastwood & general saint-another one bites the dust
10/11 congo natty-kunte tinte dub/righteous sound dub
12 jungle brothers-how you want it, we got it
13/14 augustus pablo-a java inst./butter pon dem mouth vers.
15 primals/sherwood-wise blood
16 dub syndicate-ravi shankar (pt.1)
17 peter bouncer-ready for the dancehall tonight (vers.)

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