Lifeline 21


Lifeline 21

Cor Blimey! A little bit of ow’s yer father.

From the dizzy heights of recent activity to our staple diet. This IS how we roll.

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Please, if appeals to your eclectic taste in music, take the time to trawl back from when we came coughing and spluttering into existence.

My love for music, in your ears, Rosspunk XXXXX

Air   Modular  Mix

Lamb   Trans Fatty Acid

Junior Murvin & Welton Irie   Cool Out Son

Astrud Gilberto   Agua De Beber

Neon   Lobotomy


Jah Wobble   So Many Years

Holger Czukay   2 Bass Shuffle

CSS  Lets Make Love

Slim Gaillard   Lady Be Good

Gorillaz   Crystallised

Underworld   8 Ball


  1. Dave C says:

    Superb selections. Keep up the excellent job!

  2. Pia says:

    Haven’t heard this quot of for a long time.
    Roy Batty’s memories…

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