Lifeline 22


Lifeline 22

I am a poet and I don’t even know it.

I put together a show originally based on the letter ‘I’ (I wanna be your dog, I Travel, etc.) but after speaking to the slippery one I felt like it was an easy option. It was a case of doing the ‘sort’ option in iTunes.

Well, I scrapped the easy way and did this from scratch. No way are we going to take short cuts.

So, here from the heart is a mixture of music I love!

Complied by Rosspunk and sealed with a kiss X.


Emerson, Lake and Palmer/Basement Jaxx    Peter Gunn/Where’s your Head At (Mashup)

Aphex Twin   Minipops 67

Pink Martini    Sympathique X

Orbital   I Wish I Had Duck Feet

Boards Of Canada    Boards Of Canada

The Monkees   Porpoise Song X

Impedance    Tainted Love X Rated Dub

Blancmange    All Things Are Nice

The Cramps   Sunglasses After Dark X

Dave Berry    Don’t Give Me No Lip Child

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons   The Night

China Crisis   King in a Catholic Style X

James Holden   Blackpool Late 80’s

Canned Heat    Poor Moon

Bad Production   Come Together X

Sly And The Family Stone   Spaced Cowboy

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