Lifeline 33


Lifeline 33

Swerving left and right, trying to avoid the middle of the road.  We may succeed in getting through this alive. More musical mayhem From Rosspunk!

Double    Captain of Your Heart

The Smiths   There is a Light That Never Goes Out

The Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus   Quick Joey Small (Run, Joey, Run)

Joy Division  Heart and Soul

Bryan Ferry The Chosen One

To Rococo Rot   Cars

Bat Macumba   Gilberto Gil

Throbbing Gristle   Hot on the Heels of Love

Schneider TM Vs KPT.michi.gan    The Light 3000

Aleem   Why Hawaii?

Buffalo Springfield   For What It’s Worth

Climax Blues Band   Couldn’t Get It Right

Randy Crawford   Rainy Night in Georgia

Donovan   Atlantis

The Three Degrees    When will I see you again?  

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