Lifeline 34 ‘The Rock One’


Lifeline 34 ‘The Rock One’

Lifeline 34 ‘The Rock One’

Rock is a broard church and one that normally gets a bad press. Here is my take on Rock and not an inch of spandex in sight.

Get your air guitars, close your eyes and stand by for lift off.

From the 60’s to the present day rock’s saviours and outsiders.

From Rosspunk, with just a little kiss (like this).

AC/DC Riff Raff

Ty Segall & White Fence   Scissor People

Little Barrie   Eyes Were Young

Jorge Ben   Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)

Led Zeppelin   What Is And What Should Never Be

Deep Purple   Shield

Sandi Shaw   Your Time Is Gonna Come

Aerosmith Sweet Emotion

The Mooney Suzuki   Alive & Amplified

Primal Scream   Jailbird

Beaver & Krause   Saga Of The Blue Beaver

Agent Provocateur   Red Tape

Todd Rundgren  I Saw The Light

Rare Earth   Hey Big Brother (Single Version)

Chicago   I’m a Man

The Doors   Peace Frog

Alice Cooper   Under My Wheels

John Lennon   Cold Turkey

Rock of Age

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