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This week’s mix/ playlist was put together especially for ‘Drop the Biscuit’ by Martin, an old school friend of mine, who of course later went on to be part of  the Pop group Depeche Mode. He’s also recorded a couple a brilliant Solo Albums- Counterfeit 1 & 2. The pic just shows you what a handsome little devil he was at school, an we also used it for an invite to one of his later Birthday parties in the mid nineties, I think?……anyway here’s the track listing, enjoy.

Diamond Version- This Blank Action (feat Leslie Winer)


Ben Frost-Secant

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man-Mysteries

Daughn Gibson-The Sound of the Law

The Johnny Burnette Trio-Honey Hush


Nitzer Ebb-Join in the Chant

Washington Phillips-Denomination Blues Pt.1

Palace Brothers-You will miss me when I Burn

Television Personalities-Three Wishes

Francoise Hardy-Le Temps De L’amour

Sonny Boy Williamson-Help Me

Family Band – Hatred

Big Joe & Mary Williams-I want my Crown

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins-Born Secular

Polygon Window- Polygon Window

Rekorder-Rekorder 6.1

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  1. Belinda says:

    Need to know.

  2. John Tan says:

    Brilliant mix, especially the tracks towards the end. Martin always never disappoint.

  3. Anton says:

    So f@cking cool thing!) Great! Thanks for enjoing!)

  4. GoSia says:

    amazing!!! +1

  5. Deonna Erickson says:

    Fantastic! He was a precious little boy!

  6. Patrick Steyaert says:

    Cool,nice,dark…i love it

  7. Jack McGann says:

    Lets talk about Joy Division

  8. daniel says:

    i’m sure that i can do much more better playlist, for me off course

  9. Thomas says:

    I’ve always wondered what could Martin listen, i’m very surprised to find here a huge variety of styles and especially Francoise Hardy as im from France, it made me smile =) Very good playlist by the way i took pleasure listening to it !

  10. WOW !!! It’s wonderful , Super cool…more music please !!!

  11. VicMan says:

    Respects! Martin L Genious!!!

    I really, really miss Depeche Mode sound like “Music for the masses”, “Violator” and “Songs of Faith and Devotion”.

  12. ~Tessa~ says:

    Congratulations Martin on being a sexy, fucking deal!! I LOVE your synth brain, poetic genius, & your gorgeous eyes & hair! I’m totally obsessed with your music! Thank you!!!

  13. Nathan Hinojosa says:

    this is a great mix!

  14. Martin,

    Fantastic mix!!! Listening from Chicago, IL. Respect.


  15. Rachell says:

    Martin is an ingenious creator of spine tingling tunes. What an awesome array of taste and influences. Much adoration.

  16. Toño says:

    Very good, Thanks!

  17. Adam Williamson says:

    Brilliantly digital and encompassingly subtleness of sumblime objectivity……in other words…..sweeeeet

  18. Johne128 says:

    Magnificent site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks in your sweat! eebdfdkdgkkc

  19. Alessandra says:

    Lovely. Reflection. Intimate obsession.
    Very MLG! The true sincere genius of the two centuries…
    Thank you for this end summer gift!
    Love u

  20. Patricia Mara Zalotti says:

    I love you. I love Depeche Mode.

  21. Kerstin says:

    I love your music, I love all of you!

  22. DarkZone says:

    Nice !

  23. Michelle says:

    My iTunes library just got a whole lot bigger. I love you Martin, you magnificent bastard!

  24. Shelagh says:

    I love this playlist so much. It is very clear that MLG has been influenced by these tunes. I can hear many Depeche-y elements for sure. All throughout, and representing all phases of Depeche’s sound. A keeper. You have a new fan in me…can’t wait to hear more playlists, though this one will be especially near and dear. Thank you. Would love to talk tunes with you….endless conversation. 🙂

  25. Steffen says:

    where inspiration comes from… thanks for sharing

  26. Eduardo C. S says:

    Nice to ser Richard James Polygon Windows alias in a Martin Gore mix. One of the most amazing early-mid 90`s stuff. I Imagine they working together.Martin should at least ask Richard for a remix. Edu from Brazil

  27. María says:

    I love you , Martin .

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  29. kelli says:

    Martin has given birth to so many electronic children!

  30. S.Lynn Evans says:

    Pleasant listening experience and a nifty playlist with Interesting choices; Inspired by various musical influences, a brief snapshot in time of the artist’s current tastes.Good mix.

  31. Wonderfull, Martin Gore



  32. Victor Saxoo says:

    Thank you Martin, I love you believed what you gave to this world …

    Victor from Bratislava / DM concert 06.02.2014 standing in front of the stage /

  33. Silvia says:

    Sehr inspirierend & überraschend!
    voll von Seele & Gefühl & Rock n`Roll!
    ..und sehr Sexy!!
    Danke Martin!

  34. sophiane says:

    martin le magnifique !!!

  35. Frank says:

    What a charming playlist! And interesting insights into the curator’s influences; “Honey Hush” explains “Pleasure, Little Treasure”? And how interesting is “Denomination Blues”, both musically and historically? Bravo!

    • S.Lynn Evans says:

      Thank you for articulating it much better than I. I agree.
      Good music is truly timeless; if it has substance it will still sound good in twenty-fifty years, and it will be remembered if it’s meaningful to the people who discover it.

  36. Babsi says:

    Martin is such a musical role model and I’m thrilled. Lovely inspiring set. Great, brilliant songs with unique atmospheres.
    Vielen lieben Dank Martin!

  37. Babsi says:

    Martin is such a musical role model and I’m thrilled. Lovely inspiring set. Great songs full of character and with unique atmospheres.
    Vielen lieben Dank Martin!

  38. Karry says:

    What a mild autumn night, in which I enjoy the mix on the terrace! It is brilliant and awesome! Martin’s interpretation of his favorite songs is a wonderful mirror of his emotional life. I’ve been the album “Music for the Masses” a faithful fan and go with the guys together through ups and downs. I am excited and inspired! In your room for ever!!!

  39. Patricia Mara Zalotti says:

    Martin Gore is very beautiful! Your soul is illuminated!

  40. Lea says:

    Reminds me of The band back in the day Sleep Chamber! great! Pain and pleasure..

  41. ralfino says:

    I LOVE Mart!!!!

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  43. Me ha agradado bastante la publicacion, realmente muy buena,
    muchas gracias por la información, bastante aclarativa.
    Me quedo investigando por la web a ver mas notas
    informativas, muchas gracias nuevamente.

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