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He said – it starts off bad, an just get’s worse! Dunno what he was talking about? So I ran into an old  friend recently, he said I’m an avid listener of ‘Drop The Biscuit’ It’s cool, I get excited each week to see just what you guy’s have cooked up for us? But what about all that odd s*** you used to listen to, why don’t you play some a that? – Does he mean some quirky electronica? some kitsch, easy/not so easy listenin’ retro space-age elevator/loungette type gear? Probably not. Have a pleasant night in. (Thrown together by the slippery1.)

Jean Jacques perrey-moog indigo-gossipo perpetuo

Banda eletrica-mug-up

Space art-nous savons tout-hollywood flanger

Banda eletrica-rocket rock

Jim lawless-news travels fast

Space group-space girl dance

Sexteto electonico moderno-divagando

Ennio morricone-terrazza

Arthur lyman-yellow bird

Samuel j hoffman-possession-radar blues

Sixth finger-paint it black

The gone allstars-mambo No5

Roger roger & nino nardini-cosmic run-walking robot

Martin denny-the girlfriend of the whirling dervish

Raymond scott-at an Arabian house party-dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals

Augusto alguerro with orch & chorus-discotheque

Dick hyman-discotheque doll

Roger roger & nino nardini-beyond the clouds

Jeff Haskell-sam’s place-under your spell again

The beatles songbook-strawberry fields

Runnin time-1.11ish


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