This week’s special mix is by Wireshaker-one of the original Friday night ‘Drop The Biscuit’ crew, celebrating the most influential, late an great John Peel-

WIRESHAKER- Ah, those Friday nights down the Grove: conversation, comestibles and a soundtrack supplied by the attendees that put the eclectic into electric…….

The kinda thing I tended to contribute was a disparate bunch of sounds taken from all over the map and a few from the terra incognita beyond. Not unlike, come to think of it, a fairly typical edition of the John Peel show. Which brings us to this, my DTB debut.

Not long ago, a charity shop visit netted a copy of Michael Heatleys John Peel-A Life In Music which coulda been a cheapnnasty cash in after the great mans demise. A quick glance at an index which included, one after another Kurt Cobain, Eddie Cochran, Jarvis Cocker, The Cocteau Twins and Shirley & Dolly Collins demonstrated otherwise. So I shelled out the 90p asking price and began reading with an eye on the possibility of the contents inspiring a playlist / mix. And heres a distilled version of the result.

All the acts herein feature in the text. With a few obvious exceptions, Ive tried to avoid the overfamiliar, and the sequencing, apart from the top & tail, is random in the spirit of the programme itself. Any conceptual, thematic or musical segue is down to pure serendipity.

RIP you old, bald cnut.



1 Grinderswitch –Pickin’ The Blues

2        The Fall –Psycho Mafia

3        Frankie Laine –The Kid’s Last Fight

4        The Misunderstood –I Can Take You To The Sun

5        Ivor Cutler –Life In A Scotch Sitting Room

6        Soft Machine –We Know What You Mean

7        Bridget St John –Fly High

8        Field recording –Live Bee Jew’s Harp

9        Prince Far I –Under Heavy manners

10    The Faces- Three Button Hand Me Down

11    Dick Dale & The Del-Tones –Surf Beat

12    Lightnin’ Hopkins –Black Cat Bones

13    Essential Logic –Aerosol Burns

14    The Liverpool Scene –Bat Poem

15    The Stupids –You’ll Never Win

16    Captain Beefheart –Well

17    Ladytron –Seventeen (hey! serendipity indeed!)

18    John Fahey –In Christ There Is No East Nor West

19    Henry Cow –Guider Tells Of Silent Airborn Machine

20    Marc Bolan –Hippy Gumbo

21    White Stripes –One More Cup Of Coffee

22    Forest –Do You Want Some Smoke?

23    Lol Coxhill –Soprano Derivitivo / Apricot Jam

24    Tangerine Dream –Sunrise In The Third System

25    Stetsasonic –Talkin’ All That Jazz

26    The Bonzo Dog Band –Rockaliser Baby

27    Gene Vincent –You’ll Never Walk Alone

28    The Undertones –Teenage Kicks


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