Pin-Ups (The Originals)



(the originals)

Pin ups

A sad week this week, the passing of one of the most influential British artists of our time- -DAVID BOWIE- already there’s been lots of tributes- people choosin their favourite Bowie tunes etc… we thought we’d just play some of Bowie’s favourite’s from around 64-67.

You may recognise it as Pin-Ups?

We’ve left it in the same runnin’ order as Bowie decided on at the time (I wonder if he ever compiled it in this way first (possibly on cassette!?!) before finally goin’ into the studio himself?) Anyway it make’s a brilliant album, so enjoy.

love-on ya, DTB…..


side 1.



1 The Pretty Things-Rosalyn

2 Them-Here Comes The Night

3 The Yardbirds-I Wish You Would

4 Pink Floyd-See Emily Play

5 The Mojo’s-Everythings Alright

6 The Who-I Can’t Explain


side 2.


7 The Easybeats-Friday On My Mind

8 The Merseys-Sorrow

9 The Pretty Things-Don’t Bring Me Down

10 The Yardbirds-Shapes Of Things

11 The Who-Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

12 The Kinks-Where Have All The Good Times Gone?


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