P>V On Off





Kind of a theme, but not a theme this week -Almost fitting in with the post punk series? But then again, also fitting in quite well with the Crocs playlist? (I’d been meanin’ to do a follow up to that one for awhile now)

Anyways, whether post punk or electronica-start tappin those toes pilgrims………




1 Delia Derbyshire-Electrosonic/


2 Arlene Phillips’ Hot Gossip

3 Joy Division-Digital

4 Gary Numan & Tubeway Army-Down In the park

5 Harmonia-Vamos Companeros

6 Ultravox-The man who dies everyday

7 Doctor Mix & the Remix-Sister Ray

8 Fad Gagdet-Sleep

9 Wire-Drill

10 Yazoo-Midnight

11 Suicide-Radiation

12 Kraftwerk-Intermission




13 The Pop Group-There are no spectators

14 Cabaret Voltaire-Silent Command

15 The Human League-Zero as limit

16 Depeche Mode-Shout (Rio mix)

17 OMD-Messages

18 Wir-Take it (for greedy)



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