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  1. Shelagh says:

    Thank you so much for this most recent playlist. I know I’m jumping on the DM bandwagon, and now one of a truckload of newbies, but it’s what brought your site to my attention. Now I am hooked.

    I am a professional musician and I live and work in NY. I play the french horn. After 15 years of being obsessed with everything depeche and off the boat from England, I went to train classically and now my head is bursting with both the beloved music of my youth and Brahms & Mahler & Mozart. Truly a weird and wonderful combination.

    Love your playlists, and the variety and quality. My head is now buzzing with playlists I am DYING to create of my own from my own Schizoid iTunes and vinyl library. Ahhhh!! Can’t wait to hear more of your offerings.

    ROCK on, people.

    🙂 Shelagh

  2. Paul Skinupski says:

    I came here via the Depeche Mode connection and was very pleased and surprised to find so much negro music. I’ve never really been exposed to any except UB40 and The Police. They have such a jolly sense of rhythm , which is why they’re so good at dancing and doing the ‘ dirty boogie ‘ I suppose. I had no idea that Mick Jagger had written so many blues classics for people like Howlin’ Wolf and Slim Harpo , and while he was studying at Dartford Junior and Infants to boot.

  3. babsi says:

    Every Year Counts… Happy 2015 and Thank You for the great music!

  4. art says:

    Enjoy the podcast and the selection is cracking….thanx

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