Rants and Raves





  1. Shelagh says:

    Thank you so much for this most recent playlist. I know I’m jumping on the DM bandwagon, and now one of a truckload of newbies, but it’s what brought your site to my attention. Now I am hooked.

    I am a professional musician and I live and work in NY. I play the french horn. After 15 years of being obsessed with everything depeche and off the boat from England, I went to train classically and now my head is bursting with both the beloved music of my youth and Brahms & Mahler & Mozart. Truly a weird and wonderful combination.

    Love your playlists, and the variety and quality. My head is now buzzing with playlists I am DYING to create of my own from my own Schizoid iTunes and vinyl library. Ahhhh!! Can’t wait to hear more of your offerings.

    ROCK on, people.

    🙂 Shelagh

  2. babsi says:

    Every Year Counts… Happy 2015 and Thank You for the great music!

  3. art says:

    Enjoy the podcast and the selection is cracking….thanx

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