Rosspunk The Fool


Rosspunk April Fool

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

Punch and a kick for being so quick!

Whole Lotta Love- Adil

Gut Feeling-Devo

Velvet-The Big Pink

Twisted-Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

Dense Beasts-David Byrne

Gardenia-Iggy Pop

Wake Up and Make Love with Me-Ian Dury

I´m Just A Man-Alex Harvey

The Man Who Wouldn’t Let Wax Wane-Renegade Soundwave

Big Electric Cat-Adrian Belew

Just Friends (Feat. Annie)-Richard X

Passion-Peter Gabriel

You’ve Been Spiked -Chris Joss

Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)-A Tribe Called Quest

Eminence Front-The Who


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