Soulboys-Jazz Funkers


Soulboys-Jazz Funkers Pt’s1&2.


Before Punk, there was Funk! The Goldmine, the Lacy Lady, Room at the Top, the Global Village-All through the Seventies DJ’s/Clubs like these would play the best in underground/imported Soul, Funk, Disco, Acid Jazz an later, Jazz-Funk.

To all those folk who went to club’s like the Goldmine in Essex, where Chris Hill was a legend (voted best club/an best DJ, throughout the early 70’s-He was also responsible for starting the whole Swing revival scene, when he started playing artist’s like Glen Miller & the Andrews Sisters).

-My cousin & his girlfriend, who were a bit older than me used to go in the early 70’s, an were involved in the whole Swing scene. They were also both heavily into Bowie an Roxy.

By the mid 70’s the crowd were a mixture of the coolest & most fashionable soul fans, as well as local art/fashion students- Bowie /Roxy fans (a lot of who would go on to be Punks)–People would come from all over Essex-from London an Bromley etc…..A lot of the crowd by now would also regularly be going down the Kings road of a weekend-Seditionaries, Acme Attractions etc……you’d see a mixture of

straight/drainpipe or carpenter jeans, mohair jumpers, string vests,Hawaiian shirts,pointed shoes plastic sandals, army surplus stuff, coloured wedge haircuts  etc………..

Later- after the Punk Scene died out or got a bit too commercial (78/79) a lot of people drifted back into the Soul/Funk scene.

 -Although around this time a few ex-punks that I knew were also getting into Rock ‘n’ Roll an Rockabilly (covered more with the ‘Rio Rock’ mix)-whilst others were beginning to discover Electronic music (see also the ‘Croc’s’ mix).

Anyway this one’s for all the Soulboys an Jazz Funkateers out there!




1 Jimmy Smith-Burning Spear

2 Gino Soccio-Dancer

3 Brass Construction-Ha Cha Cha

4 Mongo Santamaria-Watermelon Man

5 Wilbert Longmire-Black is the color

6 Isaac Hayes-Zeke the Freak

7 Two Man Sound-Que Tal America

8 Oliver Sain-Party Hearty

9 Harvey Mason Groovin You

10 The Blackbyrds-Spaced Out

11 Reuben Wilson-Got to get your own

12 Manu Dibango-Soul Makossa

13 Crown Heights Affair-Say a Prayer for Two

14 Brass Construction-Sambo

15 Richard Groove Holmes-Groovin’ for Mr G

16 Idris Muhammad-Boogie to the Top

17 Ronnie Jones-Me & Myself

18 Candido-Serenade to a Savage

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