Just before we move on, we got our main man ‘wireshaker’ to share a few bits ’n bobs, both old & new that tickled his fancy in 2017, an a nice listen it is too.


WIRESHAKER- A few new (to me) things that made a pretty rotten year just that little bit more palatable….

1 johannischer choir-berceuse
2 laetitia sadier source ensemble-double voice, extra voice
3 jane weaver-H>A>K
4 the moonlandingz-lufthansa man
5 richard dawson-beggar
6 willie joe duncan-unitar rock
7 sounds inc-taboo
8 brigitte fontaine & areski belkacem-il pleut sur la gare
9 zinade- soon
10 graham bond-walking in the park
11 p.p.arnold-medicated goo
12 sarah webster fabio-sweet songs
13 thundercat feat.louis cole-bus in these streets
14 can-shikako maruten
15 anton barbeau-scary monsters and super creeps
16 thurston moore-exalted
17 the kingston trio-try to remember

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