It’s taken awhile for a worthy follow up to the slippery1’s ‘Shoft Shyke’ posted, back in 2014,but Wireshaker has finally come up with the goods-

Come 1966,
after the exponential acceleration of the previous three years, most of the freaks were beat. Exhausted. All but burned out.Time for a spot of relaxation and recuperation.
Time slowed as speed gave way to dope and the city was abandoned in favour of the countryside, the mysteries of the East and Inner Space.
The word on everyone’s lips was psychedelia…..

1 Road to the Sun Roger Bunn

2 I Can Take You To The Sun The Misunderstood

3 The Breeze Family

4 Try It(mono) The Hollies

5 Glimpses The Yardbirds

6 Square Room Them

7 Dandelion Seeds July

8 (Listen To) The Flower People Spinal Tap

9 Me And My Kite Fuchsia

10 Butterfly The Fox

11 Julia Dream Pink Floyd

12 See Emily Play Three To One

13 Like a Tear The World of Oz

14 Ferris Wheel Donovan

15 Free From The City The Poppy Family

16 What Do You Do? Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

17 The Ark Chad & Jeremy

18 Undergroovin’ Eugen Thomass

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