World Trip No1


Slippery1 presents ‘World Trip No.1’


MELANESIA, it read -songs and games from Bellona. A carved wooden mask on a bright yellow background, who could resist?

This was the first ‘World’ album that I bought, it was the late 70’s & I’ve been collecting ever since….

This is a mix of a few favourites, old an new. From Snake Charmers in  Northern India, to Bluesy, Trancey, Funky an even some Eretrean reggae…Enjoy…


1 Igbal Jogi & Party-Lal Mori Pat(India)

2 Tinariwen-Imidiwan Ma Tenam (Mali)

3 Chaweewan Dumnem-Sao Lam Plearn (Siam)

4 Sonar Senghor & His Troupe-Sabar (Senagal)

5 Asmara All Stars featuring Faytinga-Amajo (Aeitrea)

6 Mulau Astatke featuring Belayanesh Wubante & assegedetch Asfaw-Alemiye (Ethiopia)

7 Gnaoua De Abdenbi Binizi-Yumala (Morocco)

8 Vincent Ahehehinnou-Ou C’est Lui Ou C’est Moi (Africa)

9 Kemani Noubar-Taqsim (Baghdad)

10 Spirits of Life-Agoue-Dambala (yanvalou Zepol) (Haiti)

11 Co Ba-thinh & Kham Thien-Hat Du (Vietnam)

12 Asmara All Stars featuring Davit Zeragabir-Eritrean Girl (Aeitrea)

13 Inez Munoz-Fandango De Comares (Spain)

14 Cleoma Falcon-Blue Negres (French /Louisiana)

15 Bulgarian State Radio & TV Female Choir-Mir Stanke Le (Bulgaria)

16 Tribe from Belona-Na Hau A Na Sa A (Melanesia)

17 Frew Haylou-Eyetegnu Nequ (Ethiopia)

18 Hosoo & Transmongolia-Hoer Setgel (Mongolia)



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